Santorini, Greece - July 21, 2018: Red Beach On Santorini Island



Colourful beaches borne of Santorini’s volcanic nature, provide a unique setting to relax in.

Monolithos Beach:
The notorious black beach of Santorini, Monolithos, is a sensational and organised beach offering beach-goers the convenience of facilities. Fine black sand, shallow waters, sunbeds and refreshments on offer, make it ideal for children and families seeking a truly relaxing beach experience in Santorini.

Distance: 3.2 km from Messaria.

Red Beach:
The crimson coloured Red beach, is a sight to behold. Red hills of volcanic sediment form the beach’s background, while the azure waters that touch the ruby-hued sands create a contrast that will utterly enthrall you. It is a somewhat organised, relatively small beach that tends to gather many visitors due to its popularity. You can find sunbeds and umbrellas but no beverage facilities. Also, be prepared that if you are accessing it by land, there is a small hike down to get to the water. Alternatively you can reach it by sea taxi.

Distance: 7.5 km from Messaria.

White Beach:
Pristine, white rock formations create an almost lunar landscape at the White beach. Located near the Red beach, the White beach is not sandy; white pebbles meet thick, blackish sand at the point of contact with the blue waters, while the actual beach is fairly narrow by nature. There you will also find sunbeds but no beverage facilities. It is recommended to also visit it by sea as access by land can be tricky for some.

Distance: 8.2 km from Messaria.