Kallos Imar Hotel is situated in the quiet district of Messaria, in the central part of Santorini island. It is the ideal place for accessing the rest of the island, easily and conveniently. Staying in Messaria provides guests with an entirely new vantage point, providing a place to redefine your holiday in Santorini.

Here, you can become part of a community of like-minded people, who seek to experience Santorini in a different way, away from the impersonal grandiosity that has come to overrun most lodgings, elsewhere on the island.

Messaria is a small village town that dates back to the 17th century. It is quaint and picturesque in its own unique way, with imposing, old manor houses, its fair share of churches and a lively centre with a handful of shops, stores, tavernas and cafes. It has a character of its own that will absolutely charm you!

Nevertheless, when in Santorini, here are the top things to see and do.

Bus excursions

As locals, we would like to let you get to grips with the most authentic experiences on the island. Let us show your our side of Santorini. We arrange bus excursions with our own Kallos Imar bus, taking you to the local wineries in order to discover the Santorinian wine varieties as well as being

Wine Tours

Explore the range of Santorini’s viticulture, by following the trail of the island’s finest wines. Wine tasting and wine tours are a popular attraction in Santorini, during which visitors can savour a variety of local wine labels and varieties. Unmissable for wine lovers who will be impressed by the depth of flavour of the flagship


Follow the historical journey of Santorini island, all the way from antiquity to more recent times. Archaeological Museum of Thera: Displays artefacts that date back to the Proto-Cycladic era, including various marble figurines of the 3rd millennium BC, the ancient city and the graveyards of Thera, findings of the Classical period and the late Roman


Responsible for Santorini’s crescent shape, the volcano is one of the top attractions to visit. Taking a tour to see it up-close will be one of the most exciting sightseeing activities, as you get to fully appreciate the magnitude of nature, witnessing its dormant power. The volcano has shaped the Santorini island as you see